Voices for Nature


Voices for Nature  is a not for profit organisation founded in June 2014 by Sigrid Shreeve and Dr Anthony Coombs who fund our work.

Sigrid Shreeve (writing under the name Rosa da Silva) is the author of the novel Jabujicaba and the novella “Caretta Caretta”.  Her professional background is environmental policy and communications, change management, journalism and merchant banking. She studied Modern & Medieval Languages at Cambridge University and is half German and half English.  She has lived and worked in many countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia and speaks six languages.

Dr Anthony Coombs is a trustee of the Roy Castle Lung Foundation, a member of the Council of Salford University and a non-executive director of East Cheshire NHS trust. He is/has been the Oxford University board member of various bio-tech start-up companies and was Chairman of the Board of Cut Films. His professional background is in the global pharmaceuticals sector and he was the Chief Executive of Vifor Pharma in Switzerland.

What we do and why

Voices for Nature engages young people with complex ethical and geo-political environmental issues, through theatre and debate based on especially written literary fiction, cliff-hanger video scripts and other bespoke creative content.

Our aim is to engage hearts and minds to protect our planet. We want to ‘give Nature a voice’ which mankind hears and listens to.


Voices for Nature works with young people,  employing them as team members, to work creatively on conservation issues and build their own business and communication skills.  Our main engagement audience are young people in secondary education or at university, who we empower to creatively explore what nature means to them with outputs in a wide range of  media.

Key supporters

Kerri Hicks, biology teacher at Eton College and head of the Environment Society has been key to designing and testing our initiatives, including the Jabuji Debates and Planet Parliament Now.