Voices for Nature community

Voices for Nature works with young people, giving them an opportunity to earn a living whilst engaging with environmental issues, to build their CVs in the areas they want to study and work, or just to volunteer and put their talents to a good cause .

The young members of our team who have worked for us over the years have all pursued studies and careers in areas related to Voices for Nature’s core activities and are still in contact helping us now. Their work was instrumental in building our activities relating to Brazil and Brazil’s rainforests and as we expand the environmental issues covered, some of them will be share their own broadening experiences in our new Voices for Nature blog.

We have just launched a  monthly biodiversity blog written our supporters.

The Ugly Truth – is mankind’s obsession with cute species dooming biodiversity conservation? by Toby Jones

Find out more about the creative outputs of young people working with Voices for Nature.

In this showreel of our forum theatre work, young people working with us explore what nature means to them.