“The Last Snowflake”

Climate change in the polar regions affects us all.  It is easy to be despondent about the state of our melting ice, so Voices for Nature is running a creative and up-beat forum theatre event for families at  the University of Oxford Museum of Natural History Museum on 31st May 2018.  The aim is to help young people (ages 9-13)  learn together about the science of climate change in the polar regions, to inspire them to care  and to empower them to make changes to life style which can help reduce climate change impacts.

The event runs from 11.00 – 14.00. Before lunch we will be learning about the polar regions and climate change through exploring exhibits, talking to scientists and with the help of a specially scripted video .

After lunch, we will convene a Planet Parliament facilitated by  ‘The Wise One’ (Dr Felix Padel, Oxford University anthropologist). Continuing the story of the Last Snowflake, participants need to find solutions to climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic regions and convince the Last Snowflake to return to our earth.

In addition to polar exhibits which are part of Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s collection, there will be a unique exhibition of plant specimens from the arctic region  belonging to the Oxford University Herbaria collection. Drawing and mask-making activities will keep younger family members happy and contributing to the forum theatre performance.

Here is a  The Last Snowflake Presentation for parents attending (and any participants who want to prepare). Unfortunately  the climate change impacts are dire and there is no disguising the facts.

The event is free but you need to book as numbers are limited.

Other Resources

Other useful free educational resources on:

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Be a penguinologist and a citizen scientist!


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  1. I am working on a paper Theatre and Engagement With Environmental Issues , including about the last Snowflake, for a conference at the end of August. Please see my draft text below. It would be great if you could send a quote I could include about how you devised the project, the unique benefits of working with theatre, what worked well about the project. Best wishes, Claire Frampton

    At the Natural History Museum, Oxford I witnessed two projects Operation Earth and The Last Snowflake as part of the programming for 2018. Operation Earth is a family science show part of ‘a national programme celebrating the science of the natural environment’ aiming to inspire children and their families. In the show the character ‘Earthy’ recreating earth goes to the doctor for a check up since it feels unwell there is then an investigation into what is wrong, with audience participation. . Earthy wears a spherical globe outfit with a hat representing the northern pole.
    The Last Snowflake was a ‘creative and upbeat forum theatre event for families’ to help children from 9-13 learn about change in the polar regions, melting ice etc. It was designed to empower people to make changes in their lifestyle which can help reduce the impact of climate change. In the first part of this one day event, families learnt about climate change through exploring exhibits on the museum floor, talking to scientists and watching a video. In the afternoon a session called Planet Parliament took place where participants find solutions to climate change and convince the last snowflake to return to Earth .

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