PLANET PARLIAMENT NOW is an initiative currently undergoing testing. It engages young people from anywhere in the world as ‘Planet Citizens’ to be elected as or vote for a Member of Planet Parliament and to take part in an annual Planet Protection Action chosen and agreed by the Planet Parliament.

Planet Parliament follows the familiar theme of ‘one person one vote’ but with a twist – it represents Nature (which includes people) and its remit specially is to protect Air, Water and Earth. The Members of Planet Parliament represent continents and key planetary ‘boundaries’. Resources and support are provided to MPPS through three Councils for Air, Water and Earth.

Planet Parliament has an annual Plenary Session to set policy and decide its priority for  Planet Protection Action. It connects with Planet Citizens through involving them in advocacy and action and is accountable to them through reporting on milestones and final outcomes. Planet Citizens may also self-organise into lobby groups to interact with the MPPS.

The objectives of Planet Parliament Now are for young people to learn by ‘doing’ about democracy, debate and collaborative working. They will make their own minds up on whether current approaches to planet protection are fit for purpose.

Planet Parliament Now is a three-year project which builds on Voices for Nature‘s experience in outreach developed and tested since formation. We are currently designing a pilot with Eton College who helped conceive,  pilot and run the Jabuji Debates.

Students from Eton College and Burnham Grammar, Jabuji Debates pilot 2015

The milestones for Planet Parliament Now are:

2017/18 –  designing and testing engagement formats and  target audience through forum theatre events,  including ‘The Last Snowflake’ forum theatre at Oxford University’s Natural History Museum and with Eton College societies –  building the resource base of the Councils for Earth, Water and Air with relevant scientists and university students, including a virtual library of blogs and vlogs.

2018/19 – building and testing regional engagement hubs  to run simple versions of Planet Parliament in the UK’s regions and  internationally

In 2019/20 – connecting our regional and international hubs and launching the first full scale Planet Parliament with  a virtual platform for sharing resources and Planet Parliament Action.