Stories are powerful tools for change. We all make sense of our world through narratives with beginnings, middles and ends. On a personal level we use these to inform or justify our behaviours and at a societal level, shared stories underpin culture and set explicit and implicit rules.

Voices for Nature is reframing the current negative environmental narrative of our lives to a positive one, where we through our actions can help change outcomes and protect our planet.

OUR NOVELS are redemption ‘myths’, set in not-too-distant futures but firmly grounded in fact and science. They have interesting and colourful characters who constantly ask questions as they go on their own learning journeys to make sense of their world.

Our eco-thriller novel Jabujicaba is set in Brazil’s rainforests. Our shorter sequel, Caretta Caretta is set on Brazil’s Amazon Reef.

In our dramatic fiction readers explore other cultures and learn scientific facts. They also learn to see the world through the eyes of our many very different characters, which some neurologists claim helps promote empathy and emotional learning. Our novels also aim to inspire readers with new role models who value and protect our planet.


We use short stories and scripts in our forum theatre work to set the scene  for our performances. Like our literary fiction, these are set in a not-too-distant future. Central to the plot is a crisis of mankind’s making which participants are challenged to resolve. Through the process of forum theatre different endings can be explored and to help inform the learning process we involve academics and scientists.

In November 2017 we produced ‘The Garden’s Secrets’ on population issues and healing plants. Also involved were a well-known plant scientist and anthropologist from Oxford.

‘The Last Snowflake” is currently under production. It is a forum theatre event for families at Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History Museum on 31st May 2019. The theme is climate change and the polar regions.

Here is Yrsa Daley-Ward in action as Carmen, investigating what is going on in the deepest Amazon….


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