To “empower” is to give others the courage to speak out and influence those in ‘authority’ and claim a rightful say in their their own lives.

Our human rights are defined by constitution, law and cultural, political or traditional norms. Sometimes an individual may not know or have the courage, confidence or skill to claim his or her rights. Sometimes the ‘system’ excludes them.

Voices for Nature‘s values are equality, diversity and justice. We believe our fundamental human rights to family, home, security, safety apply to all.

We work with young people not only to break down the barriers which might prevent them from understanding or claiming their rights but also build awareness of currently unrepresented rights, such as those of future generations and the intrinsic rights of Nature. We empower consideration, debate and independent thought and do not impose our own particular views.

To empower young people we:

Success builds confidence and working together sustains energy when progress is difficult. Our new project Planet Parliament Now aims to build a global community of Planet Citizens who work to protect the planet and build a better future for all.

Here are some of the young people we have worked with, exploring what Nature means to them through our forum theatre….