Creative conservation communication

Voices for Nature empowers young people to pursue their own creative talents to explore and express what they feel about Nature. Here are some great outputs from young people we have worked with, including a feature documentaries, campaign videos, narratives and poems, music and popularising science communication.

Film – we supported Tristan Thompson, Declan Burley and Chris Butler to as executive producers to make the full-length documentary Uncharted Amazon. The film is set in Peru’s endangered Madre de Dios rainforest region and was shortlisted for Wildscreen’s prestigious Panda Awards 2016. The footage from Tristan and Dec’s six-month expedition is used by us to engage others with rainforest conservation issues. We also ran their film blog for others to keep up on news and maybe one day follow in their footsteps.

Videos – as part of the Oxford Arts Festival in 2016 (and Olympic year in Brazil) we ran a day’s event to celebrate the Amazon Rainforest through theatre, capoeira and film. Young people of all ages took part and had fun

Here are some of our favourite videos cut by young people on the day in our video editing workshop with Film Oxford, using original footage from Uncharted Amazon.

The winning video

The great little video by the youngest participants


Creative writing – our favourite entries into the Jabuji Debates competition 2016 on the theme of ‘the forest is a magic place’.

A  very lyrical poem by a pupil from Eton College

A  piece of ‘magic realism’ writing by a pupil from Simon Langton School for Girls

Music – our rainforest rap

Composed and put to video by the sisters Alex and Elizabeth Collins and enjoyed by primary children from Oxford in school and at one of our West Oxford community fun days.

Other music includes William Goodchild’s beautiful cover version of ‘Wild is the Wind’ which we use  in our own videos and Zac Nanji-Pritchard’s talented classical guitar playing.  Here is  William making the recording of ‘Wild is the Wind’.


Our favourite of the stunning watercolours painted by the talented art student Leah Breah, 2014 of the animals in the eco-thriller novel ‘Jabujicaba’ – the golden lion tamarin monkey from Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest


The Jaguar, the top predator in Brazil’s rainforests (apart from man)

Science communication – read our Biodiversity Blog written by members of Voices for Nature’s community

And if you feel inspired by nature and want to send us your work for publication, E-mail Voices for Nature